If you have been following the blog for a while you know that I recently became a dogmom and dogaunt. It has been a humbling and eye-opening experience. There are many wonderful things in life but very few can compare to the unconditional bond you establish with your pup. The loving connection since the first time you meet, the play dates, nights fallen asleep on the sofa together and the many silent but deadly farts that happen with your puppy are the beginning of a beautiful life together. Recently I became a doggie aunt and was able to live, care for and love a puppy basset hound named Leopoldo, whom you may have met on earlier posts of the blog. He is a sweet angel that showed me the wonders of being with a dog. Suddenly you feel happier in the morning, you have someone greeting you with licks every time you get home from a hard day at work. This experience really got me thinking that I wanted to establish that amazing bond with my own puppy. I set myself on the journey to find a puppy that would be perfect for my personality and that would be a great companion to Leopoldo…and I found him.

His name is Charlie and he is a charming F1B Goldendoodle. He is the epitome of love. He is everything I could ever hope for. This loving pup brightens up my day immensely. He was and is all I ever needed to finally feel good! He is my therapy and joy. I hope he feels the same way about me 🙂

I know getting a puppy isn’t possible for everyone for many reasons; long hours at work, restrictions in an apartment building, you name it. But seriously, at some point in life give yourself the opportunity to love in the most simple of ways. Open your heart to the possibility of a tail wagging companion to make this journey called life a little bit easier, even if it involves picking up some poop along the way.