New Beginnings

Hey Life-Lust Tribe! At long-last, a very well-deserved update! It has been a busy last few weeks and you are in for a treat! A couple of posts ago I told you how pretty soon I would be finding out where I would be continuing my medical training. I am excited to say that I am moving to Miami! It is an awesome city, that sort of reminds me of home, mostly because it has a similar beachy-vibe and the weather is so similar. Still, I am very excited to be exposed to this melting pot of culture and delicious food.
New city, new people, awesome food, and year-long perfect weather!
I’ve begun to think that this is the best thing to happen for my career and personal-growth. When making the decision to choose a training program many factors play key roles. Quality of the training, possibility for subspecialty training in what you want, location, weather, cost of living, relatives nearby, among others; and Miami is able to offer all that I was looking for. From this experience I was able to learn that everything happens for a reason (I know it is a cliché haha) and life has a sneaky way of showing it. We are all in for some twists and turns in this journey called life, but we can’t let ourselves be stuck, we need to embrace the change!

Finding out where I’m headed for at least the next 4 years was an awesome way to ring in my 25th year of life! In a couple of months Life-Lust will be calling Miami home!!!

So cheers to this new adventure! I hope you will continue to join me as I navigate this mess we all call life. I know exciting things will be happening soon. PLUS, I am sure the sun shines brighter on this other side 😉 Miami, here I come!

Let’s Begin

New year, new adventures! So it’s 2017 and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and begin blogging. I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts and likes and what better way to do this than to begin blogging?! Here at Life-Lust we aim to celebrate all those little pleasures in life that we love so much. Our love for travel, home decor, books, cinema, baking and so much more is what drives us.

This new year brings with it many exciting things. Personally, it is a year of many changes, I am finally graduating medical school, my roommate and I got 2 wonderful puppies, and I will probably move to a new and exciting place and begin my training. I am very hopeful about the future and look forward to lots of travel, foodie adventures, and everything in between.

Welcome to the blog! Let’s all embrace those little things we crave.