Let’s talk about Mental Health

Is it just me, or is everyone talking about their mental health lately? Recently I have seen a surge of people using social media to express their struggles with depression, anxiety, addiction, among others. But I clearly remember when not too long ago we would only hear about celebrities and their mental problems only when they were getting DUI’s, shaving their heads… never in a good light and always being judged. My best bet is that social media allows people to be so open and transparent, even with the possibility of being judged (helloooo trolls), that celebs have decided why not share this other side which is also very important, not everything is pink, bubbly, and perfect.


For far too long people with mental health problems have had to hide their struggles for fear of being judged. The stigma that comes with admitting that you have to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist is HUGE and it helps that people in social media have decided to take a stand and talk about it. It’s not about glamorizing mental health, au contraire, it’s about shedding light into something so common that everyone should be aware of and have no fear to talk about!

Mental health has also taken the TV world by storm with the recent Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why which showcases the struggles teenagers endure during high school. All the drama, the cliques, but most importantly the BULLYING. Bullying is a very important topic that needs to be addressed in schools and at home. Watching this show has made everyone aware that parents don’t really have a clue of what goes on in their kids’ lives! This show has done a great job at getting people to TALK about mental health and TAKE ACTION. Bullying is one of the many causes of depression in teenagers, and as we know, depression can sometimes lead to suicidal ideas and even attempts. The show has been heavily criticized for glamorizing suicide, showing explicit ways to take your life, and not actually talking about the underlying problems that build up to a person deciding to take their lives, BUT at the same time we have to be thankful for shows like this that get the conversation going.

This may seem like a venting session, but it’s not. As a future mental health professional, and it being Mental Health Awareness Month, I feel very passionate about these issues and extremely proud of everyone that has come out with their personal struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, among many others. I am also very excited about the future! We have finally begun an open and judgment-free conversation on mental health!

Visiting a shrink should bring no shame to people. It’s just like going to the doctor for the common cold. Your brain can have a chemical imbalance, life circumstances can mess you up, LIFE HAPPENS! And all you have to do is seek out help, otherwise the odds of ending up worse than you are right now are extremely high.

Anyways, to close this session LOL, Mental Health Awareness Month should be everyday! Let’s keep the conversation going!



February is finally here! Can you believe one month has already gone by? I hope you are keeping your resolutions ; ) February is the month when we celebrate love and friendship, it is Black History Month but also it is American Heart Month! Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women and men and almost every one is at risk, but African American men are at highest risk. Annually, on the first Friday of February we celebrate National Wear Red Day. It is done to raise awareness on heart disease being the #1 cause of death for women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year! This month you should make it your mission to schedule a visit with your doctor and talk about your risks for heart disease and how to prevent it. Also try to include a daily workout session and change salt for other herbs and spices so you decrease your sodium intake! Another way to decrease your chances of suffering heart disease is to quit smoking and to make healthier choices every day, like drinking more water. It is also important to recognize stress and learn how to manage it, be it by going out for a run, doing some meditation and yoga, even coloring! These are all healthy ways to manage stress. Remember to go talk to your parents, sisters, friends and remind them to be active and healthy!
February is a very exciting month. Lots to talk about on the blog so stay tuned!