Wellness Wednesday


The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

And that’s what we hope to achieve with our  WELLNESS WEDNESDAY TIPS.

Today we focus on HYDRATION.

We’ve all heard it before, 8 glasses of water a day can do wonders…Water accounts for 60% of your body and is essential for the proper functioning of every cell and organ. But what do we really get from hydration other than many trips to the bathroom? Water has many benefits:

CLEANSE | Water is essential for your kidneys! Which means by drinking more water you will be able to filter out waste in your blood and get rid of it in your urine. Also, drinking water can help prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Water also helps maintain regularity so you don’t get bouts of constipation.

CLEAR SKIN | When you are hydrated you get that je ne sais quoi…you get that GLOW. It’s no coincidence Jennifer Aniston is the face of smartwater LOL. In all seriousness, when you are properly hydrated you get rid of toxins, which means all the impurities in your face that may be causing acne are being flushed out. Also, when you drink enough water your skin is supple, taut, its a win-win for everyone!

LOSE WEIGHT | One very important thing, you can control your appetite by having adequate water intake. Drinking water before a meal can actually decrease the amount of food you have and prevent overeating.

These are just some of the benefits of H2O. So go ahead and get yourself a cute bottle, add fruits if you like having flavored water, and carry a bottle everywhere you go; it’s one of the simplest ways of actually making sure you stay hydrated during the day.



At the start of every new year almost everyone vows to work out more, drink less, eat more greens and do a 180 on their lives. But let’s be honest, how many times have we set too many resolutions only to come crashing down on them a week later…So in regards to that, it is better to take things slow; remember slow and steady wins the race. Let’s begin by tackling our eating habits. It is very easy to get caught up on all the detox and diet fads that will work for a couple of days but then probably make you overeat and end up with even more pounds to shed. By making simple changes to our eating habits we can start making healthier decisions that will feel less like a hassle and more like a better lifestyle AND they will last a lifetime.
  • Say YES to water Instead of reaching for the soda or alcohol, choose water. In addition to having no calories, it helps keep a clear complexion and actually refreshes you without causing a sugar rush. Also, water is very filling so you end up eating less when you have a glass of water prior to your meal. Try to buy a water bottle that keeps it cold for 24 hours so that you can have water on the go, whenever you want.
  • Downsize your portions When eating out it is quite easy to overeat because portions are not small at most restaurants. Aim to eat half of your meal, or just make sure you don’t eat everything and take it slow.
  • Cut down on carbs Yeah, yeah I know you might be thinking this is impossible, but you will feel SO much better after, trust me. Switch the muffin or bagel breakfast for more protein, like boiled eggs. It will keep you fuller longer and will lead to less of a sugar spike after. Once you start cutting carbs, you stop craving them as much and you’ll see yourself reaching for healthier options at the dinner table.
  • Hide the sweets The easiest way to not eat unhealthy food is to not bring it home with you but if that’s not possible, try to keep them out of your field of vision. Keep cookies in the pantry and fruits on the table where they are easy to reach. Also, if you buy soda to bring home, keep it out of your field of vision on the fridge and make water the first thing you grab when you open the door.
By following these simple steps you can start making healthier choices that will benefit you forever.


In keeping with the new year theme I decided we should talk about vision boards. They are a great tool if you want to keep yourself focused on those resolutions, so read on! For those of you that don’t know, a vision board can help you reach your dreams and goals! And who wouldn’t want that?!
A vision board is a personal tool that you will fill up with images of anything that inspires you and the things you want to achieve, with the ultimate purpose of helping you keep focused and actually reach these goals. You can be old-school and create a physical vision board or you could create boards on Pinterest. Once you decide on the theme for your vision board you must add images and quotes that motivate you towards reaching your goal. The vision board is a great tool that will keep you motivated and may help you get out of a rut when you have encountered an obstacle in the way of you and your dreams.
Here are some examples of what a vision board can look like:
Now go ahead and start pinning!