Hello Lifelusters!

Life-Lust Blog came to be out of a love for travel and wanderlust, a love for pets, baking yummy treats, and living a simple life. Being able to enjoy those simplicities is what our blog is all about. I began this journey with the hopes of enhancing your life one post at a time. Our collaborators and me look forward to creating a life we love and taking you for the ride. Everything you will find here is a reflection of our diverse personalities. We love to read, bake, netflix binge, travel, and aim to live our lives to the fullest. We thank you for joining us in this adventure.

But getting a little more personal…

I am a 20-something year old female originally from Puerto Rico, who after many years of hard work and endless nights of studying, graduated medical school and started my training in Psychiatry in the South Florida area. In the last years I also became a dog-mom and have learned all about taking care of a youngster that’s as wild as can be. In my free time I enjoy baking cupcakes and other desserts, trying out new food places, watching the latest movies in theaters (indie or major blockbuster), spending time with my pup, and sometimes do PiYo. You may wonder how and why I decided to take up blogging… well, simple answer is that it’s a nice escape from the daily 6-6 grind, that also helps me embrace my creative side. I decided to start this blog along with my best friend, also top collaborator…who not surprisingly is also going through the same journey of being a doctor. With this blog we will take you on our journey full of adulting anecdotes, dog-mom adventures, and many other silly things we may find worth sharing… while also promoting a healthier and more well-rounded lifestyle.



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