I can’t say I’m an expert at life because I’ve only been here for a short time but there’s a couple of lessons I’ve learned along the way, be it because I’ve wanted to or because I’ve been hit smack in the face with them. I by no mean expect to preach, for the same reason I wrote above, but I guess it’s nice to reflect on these life lessons, that maybe you also have experienced, and today I was on a introspective mood so here it goes.


You can’t always get what you want

It’s true what they say, sometimes you can’t get what you want. I know it’s cliché but usually things happen for a reason and if they don’t work out initially it’s probably because something out there, better, is waiting for you. It has happened to me quite a few times and it’s difficult to wrap my head around the fact, when I’m in the moment, that there’s probably an ulterior and beneficial motive as to why whatever I desired so badly didn’t work out. On that note…

…you do get what you need

You may not realize it when things are happening but what you ultimately get is probably what is best for you. Looking back on things now, I have noticed that whatever did not work out for me really was not the best. Other doors with many opportunities have opened up for me after the disappointment of not getting what I wanted.

Friends are valuable

As you get older the odds that your list of “friends” shrinks exponentially is very possible. But that probably only means that they really weren’t good friends to begin with. Cherish and treasure the few friends you may have that are dependable, loyal, caring and ultimately fun! They’re bound to become a second family.

Time is precious

Nothing is permanent and we are here just on a temporary hold on our way  out… now that sounds depressing but what I’m trying to say is we may think we have all the time in the world but we actually don’t. So we need to stop postponing life until after I finish grad school or after I finish residency or after I get the perfect job, because ultimately you don’t know if those things will happen and you’ll be missing out on SO much if you keep delaying. Talking from experience here. Related to that…

…Life is more than your 9-5

Or 6-7. I’ve come to realize that our generation goes to extremes, we are either extremely career-driven or very hedonistic. So finding that perfect balance and noticing that life is much more than your job is essential during these years. It may take some effort to actually accept that work will have to wait and you need to set out time for yourself. Like it’s been said many times, work won’t ditch you but it also won’t kiss you goodnight. Think about that.

 Self-care is important

Yes, we have to drink more water, exercise frequently and spend less nights out having one too many margaritas and tacos. Self-care is essential because if your body feels good you are more likely to perform better at work and have better relationships with people.

You don’t always have to say “YES”

It’s perfectly ok to say no to going out or doing certain things… just don’t always say no because you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone. As long as you feel at ease with your decision, be it yes or no, don’t feel the need to do something you don’t want to just because someone is pressuring you, clearly whoever it is does not have your best interests at heart.

Your success is not my failure

Now this is a big one and it’s my last tidbit of advice. Just because someone out there seems to have their life all figured out, dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s, doesn’t mean you have to feel any less because you haven’t achieved that (if that’s even your goal). Every person’s journey is different and it might come with its own little bumps and bends that are unique just for you. Which means you can’t compare your journey and achievements to anyone else’s. So if you feel like you aren’t quite there yet don’t feel like it equals failure, it’s just means the journey isn’t over.


I know this is not a scientifically proven post full of research-certified advice, but still it’s a nice way to vent out the common issues we face and to normalize many feelings that keep us ruminating at night.

Have a good one!