With current-day technology, it has become a little difficult to fully disconnect from that additional appendage we carry around now called cellphone. It provides the answer to almost everything in a matter of seconds and in a world where instant gratification is what we strive for, it is hard to let go and simply be ourselves without electronic devices. Social media keeps bombarding us with information either about what is going on in the other end of the world or about your friend’s last trip to Cancun…


So as part of our Wellness Wednesday series, today’s tip is to

Just. Let. Go.

Don’t be afraid to put down the phone during dinner, actually embrace it. Take advantage of the time to catch up with friends who may have taken up time from a busy schedule to go out with you for drinks. Step away from the temptation of reaching out for your phone first thing in the morning and enjoy your coffee distraction-free!

These might seem obvious tips for you, but they are rarely done, yet they can make such a big diffrence in your day to day. I confess, that I have fallen prey to my iphone and it is the first thing I grab when I wake up (after my glasses haha) but sometimes, just unplugging from social media and electronic deviced is the BEST thing you can do to maintain your mental sanity. It allows you to fully enjoy life without comparing yourself to others or struggling to keep up.

In a world where technology is KEY, don’t be afraid to cut the cut cord every once in a while and just be by yourself. Learn to enjoy the company of your own thoughts!