Hey there lifelusters,

I know I have been out of the loop for the last few months, but the adjustment of dealing with a new job and its responsibilities, life in general, my dog, and well “adulting” all came a little too quick and loaded and left me with little time to write. Even when at times I felt like I wanted to sit and write, “writer’s block” would come at me like a wrecking ball and just leave me anxious about not being able to come up with anything.

Not of less importance, recently my home-country went thru a massive devastation and currently goes thru a humanitarian crisis due to the effects of hurricane Maria. This brought with it many stressful days of not knowing anything about my loved-ones back home and also the anguish of knowing my hands were tied and I couldn’t really do anything to help them. Thankfully, every one is doing well under the current circumstances so that gives me some relief.

So today, I finally sit down to write and it hits me that this is a time of many changes. Just as the leaves change color, there’s a newfound breeze in the air, and I realize that Fall is upon us. The holiday season is in full-swing! It is the time to be spent with family and friends and to give many thanks, but this year it’s very different. Spending the holiday season in a far away place, away from family and friends…knowing that the place you once called home no longer resembles your prior memories… everything gets bundled up together and definitely tugs at my heartstrings.

Nevertheless, this is the time to embrace change and begin new traditions. Being away from home does not mean you leave everything behind. I hope to bring a little bit of home with me, even if it’s only in the way of comfort food LOL. Anyways, I’ll make it my goal to start some new traditions this year…hopefully one involves posting every week, who knows hahaha. I do have a couple of ideas brewing so stay tuned for more on the blog, we always enjoy when you take some time to read our posts.




P.S. If you feel like donating to disaster relief for Puerto Rico, this is an excellent resource created by the First Lady of our island.

You can also donate to the disaster relief fund created by fellow Puerto Rican Ricky Martin: https://www.youcaring.com/peopleofpuertorico-957793
Thank you <3