March 2017

5 Products for the Perfect Facial at Home

Every once in a while it is NECESSARY to find a way to unwind. Maybe you’ve had a rough week at work, relationship troubles, or any situation that has stressed you out; more than enough reasons to spend a night in shut-down mode.

I am a fan of going to the spa, getting a facial, massage and just being pampered but, I am sure we can all agree that sometimes it can get quite expensive, and some other things top the list of what to spend our money on. Being the DIY-er that I am, I have spent a long time trying to perfect the most soothing spa experience I can get at home while trying to stay on budget. I have provided you a list of products that work wonders on the skin. It may seem expensive the first time you get these items but in the long run it saves many spa visits and dollars, because most of these items can be used more than once.


DIY Facial-At-Home


First step, put some relaxing music. You can find playlists on Spotify or Amazon Prime with rainfall and soothing, acoustic music. Make sure no one will be bothering you for the next hour : ) If you happen to have an oil diffuser at home, I suggest using lavender essential oils to make the environment even more relaxing. You can also light a few lavender-scented candles if you don’t have an oil diffuser, plus it helps get some mood-lighting.

You should begin your spa day by using the Sephora Collection Almond Foot Mask. The packaging says you should use it for 20 minutes but I’ve noticed that the longer you use it the better the results so I recommend keeping the Foot Mask booties on for the duration of the spa experience.

Now, you will begin the facial by cleansing your face of impurities. I recommend using the Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser. It has a citrus type of scent and leaves your skin feeling very clean and soft, and it isn’t drying! Next you can use a warm towel, or if you have a facial sauna at home, to open up your pores and get them ready for the next step. After that, you will apply the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. This is a peel-off mask that brings out impurities and cleans out clogged pores. Plus it gives great satisfaction to peel-off this baby haha. You will leave the mask on for about 25 – 30 minutes, making sure that it is dry prior to removing. Following the mask removal, I recommend using the Kate Somerville 2 minute Hollywood Facial. This peel is infused with papaya and pineapple enzymes, as well as Lactic Acid and in 2 minutes it exfoliates and leaves you with a glowing and healthier looking complexion. I do warn you that it might sting a bit but it will be over before you know it. If it seems like too much for your skin, or if your skin is sensitive, just leave it on for 1 minute. The next step involves some vitamin C brought to you by Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Day Serum. This little baby is the most expensive of the bunch but it works wonders. This potent serum is packed with antioxidants that help to visibly reduce dark spots and wrinkles for brighter skin. And at last you can’t forget to moisturize! Your face has been through a lot today so it is necessary to keep it moisturized, as well as to use a moisturizer every day. I recommend to finish off this facial with the Sephora Collection Rose Sleeping Mask. It is very moisturizing without leaving a greasy appearance and you can put it in the fridge prior to using so you get an extra cooling sensation at the end of your facial. Once you face is ready, put on the Sephora Collection Avocado Hand Mask to nourish and repair your hands.

Do you have any preferred products for a facial at home? Share in the comments below.

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March Madness (+ March Playlist)

Oh March, how I love and hate you. Historically, March has always been a hectic month for me. I would usually find myself doing heavy studying for a block of tests, prepping projects to hand-in, and also taking some time out to celebrate my birthday. But this year, March promises to be the most stressful of all time.


For us medical students, the countdown is on for our Match Day. All of the hard work, late nights studying, coffee binges, early AM sessions in the anatomy lab, hundreds of lectures that were read, and long shifts at the hospital that appeared to be endless, pay off when on March 17 (also my birthday and St. Patrick’s day!) we finally find out where we will go to pursue post-graduate training in the specialty of our choice. It has been a long 4 years that somehow have passed in the blink of an eye. I’ve met many people, have made new lifelong friendships, and also have found out who really has my back and supports me no matter what. Also, this last year was exhausting, to say the least, in addition to doing my 4th year rotations, I was on the interview trail going to places that wanted to see if I was a good fit for their training programs. Soooo, to say the least it has been a long journey that somehow starts to wrap up on March. Everything will finally start falling into place and hopefully I will Match in a place that I truly love.

But March should not be all stress. I turn 25! Which to me is a milestone but I have no idea how to celebrate it considering bigger things than me are happening that day LOL. I look forward to the days out shopping with my friends, searching for cute dresses for our many celebrations this month. I also have a couple of posts in store for the blog. More on the things I love to bake and hopefully I will give you guys a rundown of the things I started doing to be more healthy! I really am looking forward to sharing so much with you this month so stay tuned!
PS: I decided to create a playlist for this month. A little something to start off the month with some new songs I love, specially John Mayer’s “Still Feel Like Your Man”. By the way, if you guys have not downloaded his Wave 2 you are MISSING OUT! What are you listening to this month? And what are you looking forward to? Share in the comments below!