On this beautiful Sunday morning, I can’t help but reminisce about everything that has led up to the events that follow this week. Medical school has been a roller coaster full of ups and downs, twists and turns, many steep highs and some tumultuous drops. For the past four years I have set out on the journey of becoming a physician and it has taught me a lot more than just medicine. I made some long-lasting friendships, went to places I had never been before, but most importantly I got to know myself a lot better than before. I truly believe that the hardships of life make you examine who you are and appreciate all you have, and this adventure through medical school was HARD but I feel very happy and accomplished of having gone through it. Medical school made me understand myself more, know what Im good at and what I hate. It allowed me to forge friendships that will last a lifetime and meet people from all around the world. I got to step foot into operating rooms and actually take part in procedures that help people get back their quality of life or even SAVE their lives. I had the opportunity to explore medicine and decide that what I want to do for the rest of my life is work in mental health. I sometimes think of how choosing a different career would have been way easier, a lot less stress and probably not as many sleepless nights but I am still very thankful for this path. It has brought with it many stories to tell : )

All the studying, sleepless nights, coffee binges, and even crying spells lead up to this…
Tomorrow is the beginning of a life-changing week. Tomorrow thousands of medical students, find out if we have matched into a residency program to continue our training, In my case it would allow me to go into a field I feel very passionate about which is Psychiatry. But the anxiety and nervousness does not end tomorrow. Thousands of medical students join me in waiting for four more days to find out WHERE exactly we will continue the rest of our lives.

Hopefully I’ll have good news for everyone by the end of this week.

And there you have it, just a glimpse of what medical students go through in the hopes of realizing their dreams of becoming physicians. It’s not easy, it’s not all glitz and glam, it takes a lot from us, but we keep going.