Life as a medical student can become pretty hectic. Between all your tests, volunteer work and days at the hospital it is sometimes difficult to maintain a balanced life. This gave me the sometimes-unhealthy opportunity to try out many food places in Ponce, PR because of the lack of time to prep meals at home. Food is something I am very passionate about, especially when it comes to baking, pizzas and pasta. It also gives me a chance to catch up with friends when you don’t have much free time. Here is a round-up of some must-try places if you ever visit this side of the island.
  •  Rico Buey Gyros You might think this is just a food truck and drive by it without a care, but trust me, you are missing out on some delicious gyros and burgers. The lamb burger is to die for with its soft kaiser roll and signature homemade fries. Can’t miss this local favorite.
  • Campioni Pizza Birra & Tapas Another local favorite with its signature wood-fired oven pizzas. A hotspot for the college students and young professionals featuring live music every Friday and Saturday. You can’t go wrong with their scrumptious lasagna.
  • Coffee Sides Recently booming due to local delivery service, this coffee shop has a signature “Mallorca Burger” that will leave you begging for more accompanied by their french and sweet potato fries. Don’t leave without trying the fried cheese appetizer.
  • Fresco Aroma A local coffee shop with their signature coffee selection and the “best baristas of the south”. Make it your mission to try the “Brown Sugar” sandwich with ham, pesto sauce and spinach served on hot and toasty artisanal bread with a side of wedge fries.