Whether you are killing it in the courtroom, saving lives in a hospital, feeding your children at home or busting your ass for an awesome grade on your finals, we are fearless, independent and hard-working women. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle that becomes of our lives we lose track of taking care of ourselves and if we don’t feel 100% we won’t be able to give our 100% at the workplace, home, or in our studies. It is time to sit down with a hot cup of cocoa and read thru this list. These are things that you should aim to do at least once this year to bring wellness into your life…and if you can do them more than once, MORE POWER TO YOU.
  • Visit a new city You don’t have to fly thousands of miles to do this. Pack a bag with the essentials for a day trip, hop in your car or on the train and just GO! You will probably drive to a town nearby that you’ve never been to. Enjoy the local hotspots and go all tourist-y. Pack your camera and take tons of pictures…just enjoy yourself. If you can afford it, hop on a plane for a much deserved weekend getaway.
  • Take yourself out to dinner + movie We’ve all been there, your bestie can’t make it to the movies or it’s difficult to plan out your movie date and you end up home without catching the new blockbuster. DON’T DO THAT! Next time just watch the movie by yourself. You will appreciate the time on your own and end up longing for those moments. It’s a whole new experience when you go out on your own.
  • Learn to cook a signature meal Everybody must know how to make at least one dish that ends up being DELICIOUS. Take your time to master a recipe that you can call your own. Now get ready to surprise your friends and family with a scrumptious dish you can make at your get-togethers. Soon you will have people begging for the recipe but shush…don’t give away your family secret recipe ; )
  • Declutter your closet You don’t have to wait for spring cleaning! Start by removing all the stuff you haven’t worn in the last month. You will soon notice all the space you have left in your closet for next season. Also, use this opportunity to donate to those in need : )
  • Pamper yourself Now, this may sound like a really expensive day-spa but you can easily recreate it at home if it’s over your budget. Buy some face masks, soak your feet in warm water with bath salts, put some relaxing music and sip that glass of wine. You will enjoy it so much, it probably will become your weekly ritual.
  • Pursue your passion If you’ve been dying to sign up for a cooking class or art seminar, NOW is the time to do it! When you get older, you will regret not pursuing the passions that make you YOU.
Now go ahead and do more for YOU!