February is finally here! Can you believe one month has already gone by? I hope you are keeping your resolutions ; ) February is the month when we celebrate love and friendship, it is Black History Month but also it is American Heart Month! Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women and men and almost every one is at risk, but African American men are at highest risk. Annually, on the first Friday of February we celebrate National Wear Red Day. It is done to raise awareness on heart disease being the #1 cause of death for women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year! This month you should make it your mission to schedule a visit with your doctor and talk about your risks for heart disease and how to prevent it. Also try to include a daily workout session and change salt for other herbs and spices so you decrease your sodium intake! Another way to decrease your chances of suffering heart disease is to quit smoking and to make healthier choices every day, like drinking more water. It is also important to recognize stress and learn how to manage it, be it by going out for a run, doing some meditation and yoga, even coloring! These are all healthy ways to manage stress. Remember to go talk to your parents, sisters, friends and remind them to be active and healthy!
February is a very exciting month. Lots to talk about on the blog so stay tuned!