As a 4th year medical student we do a lot of traveling for residency interviews. If you are lucky to live in the continental US you might find that traveling is a bit easier and less exhausting BUT! If you live in PR and you plan to do your residency in the states, you will find yourself traveling a lot more in one year than you’ve probably done in your life! As the interview trail kept getting longer I found myself being way more efficient in what to pack in my carry-on for these short trips. So I’ve compiled a list of items that I find essential for traveling.
  • Medical Labs Hydrating Calming Facial Mist – the air in the plane gets dry and musty which wrecks havoc on our complexions, you can spray a bit of this mist while on the plane to arrive refreshed at your destination.
  • Swell water bottle – hydration on the go wherever you are, stays cold for up to 24 hours!
  • Ray-Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses – in case you need to drive and look cool in the pictures 😉
  • Berry Blossom EOS Hand Lotion – very useful in the Winter when our skin gets extra dry.
  • EOS lip balm – another MUST-HAVE during Winter when lips get extra chapped.
  • Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths – to rid yourself of facial impurities on-the-go.
  • Band aids – you never know when you might need them and they are a life saver if your shoes don’t fit properly in the back.
  • Neck pillow – for a comfortable nap in-flight.
  • Bose noise cancelling headphones – to block everything out and enjoy the plane ride.
  • And finally for entertainment purposes remember to pack your cellphone, a book, notebook and pen 🙂
What are your travel staples?
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