As you may know the nominations for this year’s Oscars were revealed on January 24 and everybody is hyped with excitement. So many great actors being nominated and even more important, many strong female performances. Female-driven movies that are very much necessary in the current state of our country. If you are like many of us and have not been able to catch up with your movies this last year, we are listing a few favorites from the nominees so you can dig into your popcorn bowl and start watching.
  • Hidden Figures nominated for Best Picture is a refreshing movie about female empowerment. The film, based on a true story, shows us the women behind the NASA’s first successful space missions. This is the movie we need right now.
  • Jackie featuring Natalie Portman nominated for Best Actress follows the life of Jackie Kennedy as First Lady and the aftermath of JFK’s assassination.
  • Zootopia nominated for Best Animated Feature Film is an animated film adults and children alike will enjoy! Tells the story of Judy Hopps who finally fulfills her dream of becoming the first rabbit police officer. Very thought provoking about the harm of prejudice.
  • Passengers nominated for Best Original Score This one is obviously on the list because J.Law DUH but in terms of storyline, this movie is more real than it seems. The lengths that some people go for in terms of love, right or wrong. I suggest you go watch it ASAP.
These are just a few of the nominees to get you in the zone for awards season. You can catch a list of all the nominees on the following link: