January 2017


As you may know the nominations for this year’s Oscars were revealed on January 24 and everybody is hyped with excitement. So many great actors being nominated and even more important, many strong female performances. Female-driven movies that are very much necessary in the current state of our country. If you are like many of us and have not been able to catch up with your movies this last year, we are listing a few favorites from the nominees so you can dig into your popcorn bowl and start watching.
  • Hidden Figures nominated for Best Picture is a refreshing movie about female empowerment. The film, based on a true story, shows us the women behind the NASA’s first successful space missions. This is the movie we need right now.
  • Jackie featuring Natalie Portman nominated for Best Actress follows the life of Jackie Kennedy as First Lady and the aftermath of JFK’s assassination.
  • Zootopia nominated for Best Animated Feature Film is an animated film adults and children alike will enjoy! Tells the story of Judy Hopps who finally fulfills her dream of becoming the first rabbit police officer. Very thought provoking about the harm of prejudice.
  • Passengers nominated for Best Original Score This one is obviously on the list because J.Law DUH but in terms of storyline, this movie is more real than it seems. The lengths that some people go for in terms of love, right or wrong. I suggest you go watch it ASAP.
These are just a few of the nominees to get you in the zone for awards season. You can catch a list of all the nominees on the following link: https://www.oscars.org/oscars/ceremonies/2017

Living with a Hound

Bringing a puppy to his fur-ever home is a really big event! You are adding a new family member, but most importantly you will become his thunder buddy for life! It is your responsibility to make his transition into this new environment as smooth as possible. It is necessary to puppy proof the home and to have all the supplies you will need for him. Us dog moms at Life-Lust have decided to create a list of must-have items for bringing your new lifetime companion home. And remember, no one will ever love you more than he loves himself than your dog 😃
  1. Bowls for food and water, preferably stainless steel or ceramic.
  2. Comfy puppy bed
  3. Crate to create his safe haven.
  4. Chew toys appropriate for his age and teething toys for when he starts biting everything in sight.
  5. Collar, name tag and leash
  6. Dog food depending on his lifestage, breed, and size.
  7. Training treats and dental treats
  8. Potty lawn – VERY VERY useful if our furry companion will be living in an apartment or spend most of his time indoors and cleaning solution for the messes he is bound to make.
  9. Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner – for the softest and most luscious fur.
  10. Towel and brush
  11. Flea and tick control
  12. Remember to consider microchipping your puppy to increase the possibility of him being returned home if he gets lost.

Find a way to enjoy the craziness of puppyhood and all the lifestages of your pup.



In keeping with the new year theme I decided we should talk about vision boards. They are a great tool if you want to keep yourself focused on those resolutions, so read on! For those of you that don’t know, a vision board can help you reach your dreams and goals! And who wouldn’t want that?!
A vision board is a personal tool that you will fill up with images of anything that inspires you and the things you want to achieve, with the ultimate purpose of helping you keep focused and actually reach these goals. You can be old-school and create a physical vision board or you could create boards on Pinterest. Once you decide on the theme for your vision board you must add images and quotes that motivate you towards reaching your goal. The vision board is a great tool that will keep you motivated and may help you get out of a rut when you have encountered an obstacle in the way of you and your dreams.
Here are some examples of what a vision board can look like:
Now go ahead and start pinning!